Head Office and Works 1-16 Shiomi 2-chome,Koto-ku,Tokyo,135-0052,JAPAN
Telephone (81) 3-3647-6111
Facsimile (81) 3-3647-5210
URL http
Established in April,1913
Capital,Paid up \100,000,000
Business Lines

Designing,building and repairing for a various kind of high tensile steel,mild steel,aluminum alloy and FRP,etc as follows:

  1. Patrol boat,survey boat,fire fighting boat,oil collecting boat.oil skimming boat
  2. Fishery patrol boat,fishery survey boat
  3. High speed passenger boat,sightseeing boat,passenger boat,traffic boat
  4. High speeg rescue boat,work boat
  5. A various kind of port transportation boats such as tug boat,barge,etc
  6. Own designed high efficiency propeller

We started business in Mukojima, Tokyo in April 1913, as a shipbuilder specializing in Western-style high-speed ships. Since then we have built high-speed ships for navies. After World War II, we have been mainly building patrol boats, guard ships, fireboats and high-speed passenger ships for customers such as the Japan Coast Guard, the National Police Agency, local public organizations, passenger ship owners and overseas ship owners.
We worked on wooden boats when we started business. But today new ship materials including steel, high tensile steel, aluminum alloys and fiber reinforced plastic are being developed, and as the Japanese economy progresses, customer needs for high-speed ships are continuing to change toward security, firefighting, eliminating pollution, oceanographic investigation and high-speed transportation. We have also been greatly emphasizing the pursuit of comfort in recent years.
We prioritize safety first and nurture human resources who will support the next generation that loves the sea, ships and manufacturing. We will stay ahead and change, continuously evolving, and strive for shipbuilding that satisfies customer needs.

Hideo Ishiwata, CEO, Sumidagawa Shipyard Co., Ltd.

1913 Baron“Shinpachi Takahashi”established Sumidagawa Shipyard in Mukojima
(the present Mukojima in Sumida Ward).
1914 Obtained the patent of Takahashi System of Tsukasa Maru Type Ship's Model.
1929 [Miss SUMIDA]achieved the speed of 50 miles/hour was built and become a big topic.
1933 The motor boat race sponsored by the Japan Motor Boat Association (the present “the Craft Association”)was held and she got a high evaluation.
1937 Was nominated as one designated factory by the Navy and built a lot of gun boat,launch and cutter.
1949 Received an order of two units of patrol boat from Japan Coast Guard established in the previous year.
1952 Changed the company's name from K.K.Sumidagawa Shipyard to Sumidagawa Shipyard Co.,Ltd.
1953 Built the first FRP made boat in Japan and awarded the prize of the lndustrial Technology Training Institute.
1955 Received a lot of order of sixty six units of 30 feet type fire fighting boat from the Government of Thailand.
1956 Built one unit of high speed life boat achievend the speed over 45 kont fot the Defense Agency in Japan whose speed was the highest record as practical boat.
1958 Built the first water jet boat in Japan.
1961 Became a subsidiary company of Yokohama Warehouse Company.
1965 Received an order of the first light structure catamaran type of fire fighting in the world from Osaka City Fire Bureau.
1969 The Headquarter and factory moved so Shiomi,Koto-ku due to the construction of highway and formed the system for mass production of high speed bart.
1973 Received an order of high speed rescue boat for Thailand and high speed search & rescue boat from Philippines.
1979 Received an order of 34 meter type all aluminum motor launch from the Department of Customs,Thailand.
1982 Received an order of seven units of 44 meter high speed search & rescue boats from the Government of India (lndian Coast Guard),of which four were built at our shipyard and three were completed at the Indian shipyard through our technical transfer under the package deal system.
1985 Exported one unit of 20 meter type survey launch for Kuwait and one unit of crew boat & one unit of mooring boat for lran.
1989 Built aluminum ally made patrol boat having the speed over 40 knot with the propeller propulsion.
2001 Obtained ISO 9001 Certificate
2003 Constructed No.1 new aluminum factory and built the first aluminum alloy displacement type of high speed passenger boat in the domestic market.
2004 Constructed the new Tatsumi Outfitting Wharf.
2008 Built aluminum alloy made patrol boats applied the materials of large size of Pi-Section.
2011 A floating dock is improved and shipbuilding is strengthened.
2013 Hiroshi Ishiwata became chairman.
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi became the 10th president.
2014 We constructed 20m Type Patrol Boat of Directorate of Djibouti Coast Guard by Japan Official Development Assistance
2015 Hideo Ishiwata became the 12th president.