Company Profile Company Profile

Company Profile

CEO Name & Title Hideo Ishiwata, President
Location 1-1-16 Shiomi 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0052, Japan
Phone 03-3647-6111 (main number)
Fax 03-3647-5210
Founded April 2, 1913
Capital 100 million yen
Key Business Lines Design, construction, and repair of various types of high-speed boats made of high tensile steel, aluminum alloy, FRP, wood, other
  1. (1) Patrol boats, surveillance boats, survey boats, firefighting boats, oil recovery boats, oil skimming boats
  2. (2) Fishery patrol boats, marine research boats and recreational fishing boats
  3. (3) High-speed sightseeing boats, passenger ships, transportation ships and sightseeing boats
  4. (4) Motor cruiser
    Tugs, barges and other types of harbor transport vessels
  5. (5) A various kind of port transportation boats such as tug boat, barge, etc
  6. (6) In-house design of high performance propeller (joint development)

List of Corporate Officers

Name & Title
Hiroshi Ishiwata Chairman
Hideo Ishiwata President
Yoshiyuki Ishihara Managing Director
Katsumi Morikawa Director & Plant Manager
Yoshikazu Okamidani Director and General Manager,
Technology Division
Satoshi Tanonaka Director, General Manager of
Materials Dept.
Yoshiyuki Komurasaki Non-Executive Director
Hideyuki Narikawa Corporate Auditor

Organization Chart

Organization Chart